The Birth of Everything

The Birth of Everything

Acrylic on Canvas – 36” by 48”

The Birth of Everything represents the creation or “big bang” of the dystopian universe that all of my creatures live in. This big bang event is a metaphor for the death of the artist’s mother, which was the precipitating event for his life falling apart and having to be completely rebuilt. The creatures born in this “big bang”, and their significance, are
described below.

Egg Cream

The source of all the eggs – she makes sure there is always a new victim in dystopia. Egg Cream represents over eating. The inability to stop eating, even when full. Something about eating too much feels so good, until it starts to feel bad… She eats and eats and eats, and makes more and more eggs. She is never full and never satisfied. 

The Breakup Monster

He appears when a relationship is about to end. He shatters your dreams of togetherness and catapults you back to loneliness. You can’t control when he will show himself to you – nor can you control the chaos that ensues.

Party Octopus

Who needs sobriety? Who needs reality when you can escape your problems with some booze or some weed. Just don’t sober up – because that is when reality sets in… He has eight limbs to make sure that a vice is always handy – but strangely he has no hands. Often seen roaming the streets with Hydra late at night – looking for a soul – or a hole – to use.


The original character in this dystopia. He is the angry, loveless bird who coordinates horrible misfortunes for his peers. Conceived when Hydra raped Byg Byrrd, the theme of violence continued into Tinitir’s waking life. His lonely soul (his mother smothered him and his father is a sociopath), takes its anger out on anything and everything. Maybe some day his heart will find true love and happiness? Likely not in this reality.


The master of sexual conquest. Nenad is notorious for slaying beavers – and for having the biggest dick in dystopia. He slays beavers for sport – leaving them in a pile on the ground. But don’t expect him to answer your calls back – Nenad is not one for feelings – he likes to feel physical pleasure only. Emotions are for the birds.

Abusive Robot

Fuck you, btw. Abusive Robot will tear you down – but he won’t pick you back up. He goes around dystopia berating and belittleing his peers, ravaging their self-esteem until they think they can never leave. His favorite victim is Byg Byrd – that slut loves attention – even from him!


This oddly bubbly character represents life being out of control. His hair is always a mess, he only has one hand so he never really has a firm grasp on anything and he has two lazy eyes. He laughs it all off though – the laughter hides the pain…

The Venus I Trap

A loner completely absorbed in the fantasy of love. She represents mental obsession. The Venus I Trap is fixated on an adonis who does not know she exists. Sadly, she will never find true love as she directs all her energy towards a fantasy that will never become reality.

A Brasive (pl. Brasives)

Characteristically difficult. A Brasive is quick to become kind when he meets another Brasive. Then, the two connect on their spikey edges – fitting together into perfect harmony and completing one another. A Brasive spends his lonely days searching for this love and praying to find it – and that The Breakup Monster will allow it to continue...

Ayn Sygnifikant

She is both physically and metaphorically insignificant. In fact, she is so insignificant that you can’t even see her without someone else to compare her to. Here she is crying between two new lovers. Crying and alone, but no one seems to notice. Who are we talking about again?

Un Certainty

What does the future hold? Will I ever escape this dystopia? Is someone out to get me? Uncertainty terrorizes his peers with these thoughts. Speeding into your mind to shatter any sense of peace, before zooming back out – leaving one to pick up the pieces. The sick truth is that the Un Certainty is the only thing that is a given in dystopia.


The multiple-headed snake rapist. A true sociopath, he only cares about himself. His claim to fame is slithering around dystopia with his friend, Party Octopus, looking for a victim to succumb to his poisonous bite. Often drugging his victims to lure them to participate in his fetishes, he represents the darker side of sexuality in dystopia…

Byg Byrd

Hydra’s rape victim. Byg Byrd represents a lack of self-esteem. An inability to say no to any form of validation, no matter how unhealthy. Her sad desire to fit in often finds her in compromised situations, like hanging out with a sociopath snake who likes to drug and rape her. It’s cool though, because each time Hydra sees her he tells her “she’s pretty”.


Pride. Excessive pride. Arrogance. Booballs are dystopia’s most insecure. They hang out up high where they can see everything that is going on – a desperate attempt to create a sense of control. Booballs talk a big game, but they are shooting blanks. Their peers sneer and laugh behind their back – Booballs are too fragile to ever acknowledge the truth.

Per Anoya

Per Anoya, everyone is watching and everyone wants to know. In dystopia it can feel like the world is watching – closing in on you – and there is nothing you can do about it. Just succumb to the reality that you are being watched – and everything that you do can – and will – be held against you.

So Silly!

The ghost of one’s former self. Consumed with the laughter of insanity. So Silly! has lost his mind entirely. He has fully succomed to his mental illness and floats around dystopia laughing at anything and everything. His peers avoid him and his uncomfortable laughter. Just another daily threat in dystopia…

Xena Fobia

She is perpetually afraid. She navigates dystpoia in her protective craft, avoiding anything new or that might be from somewhere else. Especially things she is not familiar with or does not understand. Egg Cream is her worst nightmare – that bitch keeps introducing new things to dystopia. Why can’t things stay the same – like in the old days?!

Marge Anal-Ization

Push others away! Why not meddle in the already defunct business of others – why not alienate those who are already disenfranchised? Don’t ask Marge, he does it all the time!

Dying Inside

The façade of almost escaping your bubble is just another charade in dystopia. Dying inside pushes himself to new limits – only to learn that his achievement left him feeling more worthless than before – how can it be that not even that made him feel fulfilled?!

Free Fallin’

Perpetually oriented down, Free Fallin’ represents the fear that the bottom could fall out from underneath at any moment – sending life into an uncontrollable descent. Free Fallin’ is marginalized even in dystopia – as the ever-present fear that things could get worse is too much for most, even in dystopia…

The Whale’s Tail (top, center)

What a liar he is! He swims amongst dystopia spreading rumors and lying without any ability to control his behavior. Will he ever stop? Well, it is hard to stop a whale…


The only glimmer of anything good in dystopia is the ever-present light of hope. Hope of love. Hope of happiness. Hope of escape. Hope acts as a beacon, guiding dystopia’s unfortunates and reminding them that there is a reason to continue to suffer – things might get better. It begs the question, though, is this hope really a good thing – or does it contribute to perpetuating dystopia’s abuse?