Zoom The Birth of Everything
Zoom The Birth of Everything | Abusive Robot
Zoom The Birth of Everything | Abusive Robot

The Birth of Everything

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Acrylic on Canvas – 36” by 48”

The Birth of Everything represents the creation or “big bang” of the dystopian universe that all of my creatures live in. This big bang event is a metaphor for the death of the artist’s mother, which was the precipitating event for his life falling apart and having to be completely rebuilt. The creatures born in this “big bang”, and their significance, are described below.

Egg Cream – The source of all the eggs – she makes sure there is always a new victim in dystopia. Egg Cream represents over eating. The inability to stop eating, even when full. Something about eating too much feels so good, until it starts to feel bad… She eats and eats and eats, and makes more and more eggs. She is never full and never satisfied. 

The Breakup Monster – He appears when a relationship is about to end. He shatters your dreams of togetherness and catapults you back to lonliness. You can’t control when he will show himself to you – nor can you control the chaos that ensues.